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Identifying Summer flowers

Summer arrived and so did the heat and rain. Which can only boost the life around us. For me, the month of June has been about looking at flowers and finding out which one is which. Apart from me standing next to roads and houses, it still feels just as wild. Once you zone out from the human life around, you can get into the life of insects and flowers at their level.

I’ve been able to identify plants I’ve not seen such as orchids species, or haven’t seen since last summer such as cuckoo flower, oxeye daisy and cow parsley.

One plant to be careful of is giant hogweed, similar to cow parsley and  the ‘hogweed’, which is a native species but the giant species was introduced and you can find out more here. As it emerges at this time of the year in our regions, it shouldn’t be touched as it’s toxins can cause skin damage. Lambs are getting older in the fields, the grass is longer and you might see brown hare in the meadows, choosing the preferred grass to feed on in a meadow full of flower and grass. 

At McGowan Realm in June we’ve had a busy time so I haven’t shared on social media as much what we’ve been up to. At the beginning of the month in celebration of the Jubilee, we went to our first local stall of the year in Guisbrough. We then set up at Preston Park and Museum for the Vintage vehicle and fire engine show last week before it was cancelled early, due to weather.  

New products are now on the growing website, with kitchen easy swaps such as bottle brushes, drainer and dust pan and brush. I’ve also made up some new tea light candles, with each batch being unique. This month’s tea lights are a darker colour with a higher percent of Yorkshire heather beeswax, due to availability of sourcing at the time. We do clean and separate heather from the beeswax but if you purchase our tea lights you may even see the fragments of heather which sneaked through, at the base.

Lastly, we’ve been working on a new look, next month you might see the start of a transition to this. We want our business to fit into the market, after a bit more research and change of direction, from my initial McGowan Realm project way before I set up our website I have begun to change our look... It hasn’t changed what we do!

Please share our website shop with anyone who might be interested, we’ll be working hard and you can follow us on our social media, including tik tok now.