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Keep the grass a little bit longer

The garden is full of life, especially since it looks overgrown at this time of year even with regular maintenance. Giving grass and verges the time to grow and not cut/pull out everything is a welcome boost for local wildlife, everything from butterflies, newts and fledging baby birds for somewhere to hide and feed in. Cutting the grass less saves you time and when it does come to cutting, please make sure where you strim or mow is checked for anything such as hedgehogs and baby birds hiding.

If we have a dry spring the grass and plant life has a better chance to protect the soil from the sun and holds moisture longer. The last point I make is you never know what will grow if you leave it that bit longer. I’ve found wheat and the occasional sunflower. A gift from feeding the birds in the garden. If you want more details about cutting your lawn and being more wildlife friendly, the link here is for PlantLife UK with facts and tips to guide you.

 The most recent baby birds I’ve seen fledged this month were a nest of Chaffinch, with about six sitting along the overgrown grassy flower bed. The urge to cut things back is still there and sometimes it is necessary but leaving it that little bit longer helps nature survive.

At McGowan Realm, new products have gone onto the website with some restocking of Ola Oils, Cumbrian Tea, Northumbrian Pantry and Rosalind’s Larder with new flavour varieties available. These products will also feature if you visit us in person –

We’ve been getting ready for two local markets coming up in June, the first, is the Jubilee bank holiday weekend themed market in Guisborough (Chaloner Street) on the 5th June. The next stall later in June is with Stockton Council at Preston Park Museum and grounds on the 25th -26th June for the Fire Engine and vintage vehicle show. 

We hope to see you at either market next month.

- Josh