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Late summer sunshine

In the fields as I drive past most days and evenings they have been in full harvest with machinery and bales on the move. In late summer our business is preparing for months to come and looking forward to carrying out progress as we inch towards our first year birthday of McGowan Realm. Candle research is underway for us to create more beeswax, natural candles. Along with some new designs on order of beeswax wraps on the way and compostable sponge cloths coming in. 

We're heading into the final few weeks of summer now. Our garden sees it's final fresh dandelion flowers and nettles alongside turning orange leaves in the hedges before changes are more obvious in weeks to come. The image of this blog cover is of the dog rose berries which are juicy in the hedgerows. Swallows are in the classic groups of young fledglings testing their wings before they join the parents on the journey, often a short time after parents have begun their flight south. Squirrels are in a healthy frame after eating all summer and now turning to the winter stocks, as they paw the ground to raise earth and store nuts and seeds for later in the year.

Each product purchase on our website sees a contribution to wildlife conservation, part of the work I've contributed in, which is crucial to the health of our environment to continue and develop for nature. McGowan Realm supports the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust currently. Support to our online store is great to see and If you know anyone who would be interested please feel free to pass us on! We're slowly growing our name but it takes time as a micro business. 

- Josh