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Lighter mornings in a time of change

Times of change are here with the morning getting lighter but also politically, with Europe working together with greater urgency, coming together relating to the recent sad news in Ukraine. Weaving together goes along way.

Getting out and about can help your own frame of mind, as it distracts and relaxes. Looking in the fields around you, you’re more likely to see the brown hare this month, as they turn their attention to the mating game. Usually, a hare will be well hidden in the daytime within the woodlands and hedgerows which are important for them to hide in from predators. Unfortunately, our countryside has lost a lot of this habitat for them as well as the threat of illegal hunting from people still. They are an animal where the woven fabric of environmental conservation helps not only this species, but many more.

My first view of the hares this mating season was on my way past fields on an early morning. The morning frost was set on the grass giving it a blue green colour. I saw three hares, in a sort of unit but keeping a distance from each other, likely to be a female with two males following her daily moves. They become more visible as they divert to mating for the next few weeks with the female ‘boxing’ the males away.  The males will stick close by until she allows them to mate, or they get chased and boxed. Look out for them around fields near you.

At McGowan Realm we’re pleased to share our subscribe and save is live! The past month I have been a little bit quiet as we’ve been organising our next few months ahead.

Take a look at our subscription box, subscribe and save here, it involves some of our best products on a rotation for making the most of plastic reducing products at a lower price. Regular payments are each month and doesn’t involve a delivery charge. We’ve got some updated products such as the honey hamper gift box back online and our new bath soaking salts with organic Epsom salts.

We will look forward to the spring ahead and as always, your support means we carry on our project McGowan Realm.

  • Josh