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Reaching the half way point of the year has meant so much wildlife has been buzzing already. Everywhere has new life learning to survive, lots of colour and different species to spot for the summer months. I've had my first sightings of dragonflies, the emperor dragonfly with its fantastic shape and speed around water and gardens. If you want to learn more about them and others (even to ID)  then click here for more info. 

We've been taking part in the Wildlife Trusts #30dayswild event this month, getting some upgrades to our garden and lifestyle of enjoying and helping nature. Beth has been keeping tabs with the little pack we received through the post. Like our nature corner which has been increased in size to see more meadow on one part of the lawn. 

A Boro Boy: Connections with nature is available on our website as well as in bookshops locally to Teesside and North Yorkshire such as Guisborough book shop, Saltburn book corner shop and Harrogate Waterstones as a few. 

The other news at McGowan Realm is we have raised a total of £306, thank you for your support of our micro business. This will help us move into the next few months on our new products. Being mostly online we also do a local free delivery service for the TS6 area if you purchase online or contact us if you prefer, we will be happy to help. 

Plastic reduction makes a big difference once scaled up. Without people making those choices we wouldn't be able to continue, so spread the word about McGowan Realm!