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Mixed winter flocks


Living with the changes for almost a year it has been a remarkable year of adaptations, for a lot of people who work indoors/or who are asked to stay at home it is now becoming an issue to want to get back out there with the current weather and this rhythm of staying in. For activities during lockdown for kids and adults follow this link to the Wildlife Trust here. 

The occasional walk is something we should all do and when the weather picks up it is easier to get outside but nature moves on with or without us. I’ve seen my first snowdrops of the year this month and yesterday I was listening to a tree creepernuthatchcoal tit and a great tit all calling, and being a part of a mixed community flock moving around the wood together, looking for food at different levels.  More information can be found on this RSPB website link here. 

Back with us I’ve been keeping busy having a go at getting some new products looking right. After a bit of testing and adjustments we now have our own wax melts and garden tit bird boxes available on the website by the end of this week. It’s nice to see new faces ordering from the website and as always, as each order is made, we’re working towards a more sustainable world with the daily choices made. Stay safe, Josh.