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New year, new leaf


What you could consider this new year is swapping one (or one more) item to a sustainable option, you may have started small or actually had a good go in recent years which is all we can do! The trial and errors are different for everyone, some people are focused on locally made, others for shopping plastic free. I began with a few bits in the kitchen like glass jars, wooden dish brush and buying a few organic products. It has by now spanned to every part of the house – but these are little changes within my means.

I will be hoping to add new products in the next few months we think you’ll love, so keep looking out! If you have any suggestions of products to be added to the website this year, please send us an email/message on social media. Thank you for all the Christmas period orders, they keep the wheels turning for us and we always get excited to see orders from repeat customers and new.

The shining evergreens around us have been enjoying their attention in the past few months, and those next few months too as the berries and leaves sit in the low, winter sun. Ever greens like Ivy, Holly, Mistletoe and Yew.

In festive periods of times gone by, church records in the middle ages show entries of purchasing holly and ivy in the winter, with a promise of the return of life, in spring. Yew trees are familiar in churchyards around the country hundreds of years young from medieval times. The appeal to decorate a dark, interior space with natural, fresh colour has been around a very long time especially with a greater connection to the landscape and a higher percentage of people living in the countryside in the previous centuries, natural wreaths are created but less decorating inside with real evergreen plants. 

As for the garden, the Holly trees are great additions to the garden, they grow easy, create great wildlife habitats for all kinds of birds, mammals and insects, as well as carbon offsetting and adding security. I took this photo on a very bright clear day in a churchyard with the noticeable blackbirds and fieldfares taking advantage of the ripe berries. May the year be fruitful for everyone!

  • Josh