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Plastic free July & food hygiene rating

It's the height of summer and our wildlife garden has gone into full stretch. Hedges bursting so tall and wildlife popping in from all angles. The sun and warmth has been useful to the plants and trees that cover our garden, making it more wildlife friendly than I could of hoped. The wildlife pond has become a refuge for drinking birds and hedgehogs in recent weeks. We found some young ladybird nymphs on a plant covered in aphids which I planted without even thinking how much use it gets now. 

At McGowan Realm we have been looking into our first plastic free July campaign and thoughts of my own plastic reduction journey. It is about sharing and promoting the life away from cheap and easy plastic, which have really taken over - until you start to look into it, you might not realise the scale of what has happened. With plastic looking to be on the increase in the coming years.

The recycling claim may be on the rise for 'recycle me, 100% recyclable' although this doesn't do the job, with so much ending up in landfill or throw as litter. We could just reduce our use. That is where we come in, our small business wants to help people choose plastic free alternatives, which there are many! 

In other news, this month we have had our council rating of 5 for food hygiene standards in keeping produce, we're proud of the rating after correspondence since the beginning of our business in lockdown with the council. 

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- Josh