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Robins only get noticed at Christmas?

Spring is here and all the delights of colour are back. I’m looking at fields of fresh grass, big yellow dandelions, delicate forget me not, primrose and the sound of lambs and willow warblers calling after their return from Africa.

But what about the Christmas robin? The bird we watched all winter is still here, and actually working hard to start a family. It is the only time of the year they pair up. They’re often the bird that nest in the most unusual places, like in a pair of boots, in a garden sheds or a letterbox. If successful they will raise a second, third and even a fourth clutch of chicks has been recorded! The extra food is vital, with protein and even calcium for their rearing. If you decide to feed garden birds you can offer mealworms and they will be lapped up.

News at McGowan Realm is our clear intent to keep trading through this difficult period of trading. We’ve not increased prices on our website when all around the costs from productions, delivery etc, are going up but we’re also hoping to keep sales flowing which can be a difficult challenge when people are cutting back and shops are being forced to close down across the country.

Although we don’t have a brick building shop for you to pop in, I sometimes find McGowan Realm and other online businesses to be overlooked or even blocked on certain things as a true shop would be. We still trade in a small in a local, family way. You can always shop online, have a delivery to your door locally to us and we’ll be around a couple of times this year to meet in person at stalls coming up in the local area.

As for our important UK wide customers, we are very appreciative for your support and each order makes us smile. We set out to share with different regions and we will be aiming to grow.