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Step into spring


This week has been a step into spring, I'm now seeing more people out making the most of the sunshine. The hedges around the country are getting that slight warmth from the sun and it won’t be long before green colour burst into life. I posted the other day about hedge conservation is important, there are so many bugs, mammals and birds that rely on a well-kept traditional hedges but a lot have been more than trimmed and its more obvious in winter to see the skeleton of the hedge looking a bit neglected on some farms. Schemes and guidance in the next few years of UK transition will hopefully pick up for neglected ones.

It’s been a week of looking for signs, I saw a starling investigating a house gutter for a potential space to nest. The latest addition to the spring antics is a magpie picking up twigs and ripping bits from the hedges and taking them away, for a nest. Great stuff.


We’ve been working to get new stock ready for the next month. The latest, only just uploaded to the website is our eco-friendly gift boxes. This comes from Andrea (mam) putting some quality products together. It's a set of the things people are loving from the website and a few new bits coming in, from businesses each made with care. The first one up is the bath time gift box and will shortly be joined by two others. You can pre order a honey gift box (available next month). Thank you for your support again, each order means we can continue to grow our sustainable family business. - Josh