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Twoo-ards the winter

December arrives and winter starts with us getting ready for our very first christmas market this year!  We’re looking forward to showing McGowan Realm zero waste when we head to the Sparkles Stockton-on-Tees high street christmas market. If you’re in the area, we’ll be there Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December. Please come along and see our stall and us! This week we’ve put together our stock ready for the weekend and had a few lovely orders coming in from the website too.

Storm Arwen has been and gone to start the winter season this year. Middlesbrough was on the corner of the red warning, thankfully not too much damage here, with neighbours’ fences come down, a few trees pulled to the ground, but nothing compared to the power cuts last week further up.

In late autumn, the Tawny owls are re-establishing their territories and they’re more often heard in the night than other times of the year. Hooting the twit-twoos in trees and on houses.

Most of the daylight hours the Tawny owls are sleeping, you rarely see them as they blend into their forest environment, in mature older trees which have the tree limbs and crevices to hide in -this is the same for other species making use of a tree like an old Oak which supports hundreds of species. For identification use this link here to the RSPB website for Tawny owls. We hear them call in the distant trees but in the last week they’ve become louder and closer as the owl sits on the house hooting to every corner of it’s territory.

Hope you have a great christmas, anyone still looking for christmas presents… McGowan Realm still offers a range of sustainable presents.