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Winter Loosening Grip

Matching up the end of winter to the new season of spring gives me a feeling of nature celebrating the triumph of surviving the winter. We’re now seeing a frantic race to a breeding season with birds searching for nest sites. Some animals and plants already done some of their hard work. Foxes have mated, snowdrops flowered and frogspawn in the ponds. 

Now we’ve had a few warmer days and the ground is drying up, make sure to get out and about in April there is lots of spring to enjoy and the later spring life is making their moment count now for this spring, I’m sat typing in the garden with a woodpecker drilling the tree.

This year, neonicotinoids a pesticide banned by the EU and the UK not that long ago in 2017 has been given emergency use in England for 2022, which is ultimately going to have a negative impact on pollinating butterflies, bees, and other wildlife. With all the discussion of ambition from the UK and devolved governments about environmental plans to recover nature, this is a blow for conservation and doesn’t set a good tone. For more information about butterfly conservation click here, this link is a page on how to see emerging spring moths.  

Turning attention to McGowan Realm, we’ve added a new gift hamper box, with our plastic free McGowan Realm bath salts hamper which is a lovely addition put together by Andrea. Thought has gone into making everything plastic free and research to where we source ingredients. This is the research we do for each product we bring to our online shop.

The continued business struggles from the small business owners is as bad if not worse than when we started our online store. This year has seen the closure of shops in a sector which strives to work for a healthy environment, community, and reasonable prices where we can. Unfortunately, we’re not the only one looking at a dip of customers who support this movement. It is a tough time for all with supermarkets controlling markets, convenience of throw away, single use plastic and the fastest price hikes in 30 years putting a strain on so many people, that small business suffers.

We’ve had a steady start and support has stabilised the business from its first year of trading, which means we can go ahead with more of what we want to bring but it does only grow with support so if you still like to see ethical minded shops like our online store, we always appreciate support!