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Winter song

A cold January day is often quieter than the summer months without the buzz of life everywhere, but this is a chance to enjoy species that make the UK their winter residential home.

Having birds around in January can brighten up a day, from sun rise, the song thrush, mistle thrush and robin are producing choruses whilst it seems everything else around is quieter in winter. Each of the song thrush and mistle thrush call from the heights of tree branches to display what ability they have even during the hardest part of the year for them to keep a territory.

While the robin will often come down to hedge height (where we see them more often). The male robin keeps a territory all year round and this is often needed when other robins come across to the UK to get away from colder northern climates. With this added competition they must be able to keep energy levels high enough each night to defend their territory the following day.

This winter so far has been mild and not only am I seeing birds settling into spring like behaviours, but we’re also seeing plants respond early with the first bulbs emerging, tree buds and blossom heading the same way. This is nothing new after a few years of repeated early starts but it does show a new mixed pattern emerging.

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Conservation news is that we’ve sent another donation to the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust in January from the customer purchases of 5p per product. Our business has some more things to look forward to in the coming months with the release of our subscription box coming soon.

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I hope everyone gets the chance to hear the dawn chorus this winter like I’ve been able to.

  • Josh