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Wrapping up for the change in season

At McGowan Realm, you may have seen the Christmas page is now up and running. We’re hoping to show off our products that we sell throughout the year with some new additions to the website, in recent weeks with the likes of chocolates and wrapping paper. We’ve all had different jobs, from social media posts, taking new photos, stock checking, putting Christmas gift boxes together… What you see is the family team effort to bring our wonderful gifts to you in the build up to this Christmas period. We are excited to share our Christmas hamper which you can find here.

The weather has a seasonal change, somewhat different to last year. Going back to the end of the summer last year it was an explosion of nuts and seeds around the country after a sunny summer, producing a ‘mast’ year. Mast is the collective term of fruits and nuts. Every couple of years trees produce a huge number of them which is a strategy to germinate new saplings. This makes sure more food is available than the animals who eat them could ever eat. Then after this year, the energy to produce nuts is costly and may stunt the trees growth for a while.  This year is one of the slower and less abundant years. To find out more on the Woodlands Trust page click here. Our blog photo is from a few weeks ago before the leaves had fallen and gave this sunset golden glow.


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  • Josh