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Our story

McGowan Realm who?

Zero waste products and living more simple with sustainable items can help our planet little by little. We're an online plastic free store from Teesside, starting our project from Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire and reaching further!

My name is Josh and with the help of my partner, Chloe and family I am running our online store started in 2020. I often hit the likes on social media but maybe you share the same simple living ideology too. I have a passion for sustainable and quality local products which comes from my other life passion…Nature.

I currently work with animals and have a desire to see less impact on our environment. Can we reverse some of the damage from habitat loss and plastic pollutions for example. For too long we have been aware of waste, pollution and big business. I want to see more care and support for the local places and people who are living and breathing their products as well getting a smile from knowing every little helps to reduce unnecessary waste. I want to have more regional products join here and more eco friendly options to share. Hopefully just by reading this far I think you might like that sort of thing too.

By shopping on here you are supporting a little green company, a start up business by someone who loves nature with a hope of supporting great things for the environment. We have to make changes at some point with all the warnings of predicted changes, lets get on with more sustainability and work with improving what we have now to help protect the future. Whilst we are an online shop we are a business trying to work for getting more people to enjoy and support nature and spread the word for positives. Thank you for even reading this far, I hope you enjoy shopping  with us and watch us continue to grow our small business.

A Boro Boy blog: Relating my nature experiences and monthly updates from McGowan Realm.

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Our ethos

Bringing a range of sustainable everyday items & gifts for the conscious shoppers who want to start or grow their plastic free & zero waste efforts, along with us. We are a small family run business based on Teesside.

1. High Quality & Sustainable

Supporting small/local business has never been so important in the UK. What makes a place special is the connection! Mine is for my home area of  growing up with the North York Moors and nature reserves in the Tees Valley just a short drive away, which has provided me with hours and hours of enjoyment from both the beauty of our landscape and the wildlife that still lives here. 

Teesside was known as an industrial area and thankfully large scale work in the last 40 years to reduce pollution and let wildlife back in has made a massive difference to the environment and wildlife has now returned to the area including the seal populations. 

Yes we are small compared to the wilder landscape but we impact the environment every single day. Supporting biodiversity and being aware of your impact can improve your own health too.

I have spent time in other regions around the North of England and Scotland and each year I explore more of what's to offer in this part of the world. I would like to share some fantastic quality products from a selection of local businesses with rich heritage, which celebrates these areas and can be found plastic free on our online shop. 

McGowan Realm is showcasing the use of reducing and eliminating plastics. I like so many people want to have less unnecessary plastic packaging and more sustainable brands around for the future.

2. Reduce Plastic Use

The mindset of my online store will hopefully share what we like as a family and why we choose to live the way we do. 

Shop in the town or shopping online, you nearly always end up coming back with a plastic bag or packaging that ends up in the bin and I've been trying the sort that out slowly as I transition to living more simply and shopping for alternative products. McGowan Realm is showcasing the use of reducing and eliminating plastics. I like so many people want to have less unnecessary plastic packaging and more sustainable brands around for the future, I offer an alternative for you with my vision of sustainable items to help you and help our planet out a tiny bit more. Do it for the turtles and many others.

3. Support Wildlife Conservation

The brilliant team at the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust created this PDF for us (click on highlighted words) to share with you. Our most recent donation was on the 4th January 2022 with £15.35 from the customers who shopped on our website, thank you. 

I want to make small contributions to the work done from UK charities in supporting wildlife biodiversity. The Wild​life Trust will be the first to gain donation - 5p from each product sale. I am donating my nearest local trust, the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust twice a year and to find out who they are, click here. 

The Wildlife Trusts are made up of 46 individual trusts around the UK started by people who wanted to make a difference to the environment around them, starting where they live. There are thirty seven trusts in England, five in Wales, a trust for Scotland and a trust for Northern Ireland. A trust for Alderney and the Isle of Man. Each a registered charity. Their mission is to bring about living landscapes, living seas and a society where nature matters. Find out more about the work they do here.

Evidence shows that we are continuing to lose wildlife and the places where wildlife lives at alarming rates. Conservation where a number of different people and organisations work on a landscape scale to connect up the ties which are thread bear or lost from fragmentation is how we can save wildlife and put it back where it belongs. 

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