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Subscription Monthly box

Subscription Monthly box

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Each month we aim to bring you variety in what you receive, with new products or items you may not think to try. Our rotation is thought 6 months ahead to give you the option to see what you will receive. You can view this in our table below.

Each month you will receive a parcel via Royal Mail or Hermes with FREE delivery to your door in plastic free packaging, to reduce waste. All of our products are thoughtfully picked for their qualities in sustainability. With the majority being made in the UK, with a range made in the North of England and Scotland. 

We rotate regular products to allow you to refill them (for new customers they will receive the reusable pump and spray heads), then receive a glass bottle to use. Our process is to use no single use plastic, however on our Miniml products there is a tiny amount of reusable plastic for bottle tops which can be reused if sent back to us. 

*Each monthly box includes items picked to the value of £10 including postage, on a rotation. Know what you receive for the month ahead.

Read more about how McGowan Realm Subscribe & Save works here. 

As of March 2022.

 Month 1  Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6
1/04/2022 1/05/2022 1/06/2022 1/07/2022 1/08/2022 1/09/2022
Miniml washing up liquid (with reusable pump) Miniml Surface cleaner (with reusable spray head) Miniml anti-bac hand soap (with reusable pump) Miniml washing up liquid REFILL Miniml laundry liquid Miniml surface cleaner REFILL

BoxRoll toilet roll x 5

BoxRoll toilet roll x 2 BoxRoll toilet roll x 4 Rosalind's Jam BoxRoll toilet roll x 5 BoxRoll toilet roll x 4
Friendly soap Lemongrass soap bar Yorkshire Honey Cumbrian Tea Friendly soap aloe vera soap bar Bamboo handle toothbrush Northumbrian Pantry chutney